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Unforgetable reward
This is a very popular story among elephant lovers in Sri Lanka.The reader, you might wonder why this story is relevant to this web page. Yes go through this patiently and let me know whether this is relevant or not. This story was a frequent reciting story of my late father Ayur Dr.D.S.Hettige founder of Manasa Ayurvrda hospital, since I was small. Probably he would have done that with a hidden subconscious intention to motivate me, as I am the only son in my family. Because he had an uncertainty that I would not take over his noble profession, as it had happened to many ayurvedic generations in sri lanka leading a vacuum, no one to carry forward this system of medicine. And what is peculiar is, this sacred system is not given out of family, not even to a family member even though he or she is deserves or unless he or she is physically, mentally socially ,culturally, religiously , disciplinary and ethically fit to carry out this forward.

I remembered my father was exaggerated how they went to Mysore province in India to receive this unforgettable reward of gratitude. Mysore (or Mysuru), a city in India's Karnataka state, was the capital of the Kingdom of Mysore from 1399-1947. The palace blends Hindu, Islamic, Gothic and Rajput styles,

This is how this story begins .There was a young mentally ill girl age 22 from a maharaja family in India, was referred to our institute by Colombo Ayurvedic hospital in 1950s, when my father was a young enthusiastic student under Rev. Dr.Dehiwala Dhammaloka who was a eminent reverent mental specialist in traditional medicines and was very popular locally and internationally at that time .This girl had been treated by many western psychiatrists in India,Singaopre and United kingdom with no improvement by the time she brought to our tradition. So they decided to seek the help of our tradition and came to Sri Lanka.

Our village was a very small village at that time .Though geographically it is huge there were few families compared to now a days, According to my father’s recollection there has been a population about 50 families in a area of 60 hectares .Around 200 people.(According to the village headmen’s statistics there are 721 families and 2500 people presently living in my village ). Majority of these people were make a living out of taking care of the mentally ill patients handed over to them by the Dr Priest who was the Guru of my father at that time . Because Manasa hospital didn’t have enough facilities to accommodate much patients at that time .Those family members were paid as long as they looked after the patients .These payments were mostly not by money but by rations for their day today needs. If the patient is really aggressive or hostile towards care takers there were young guys who were ready to take that challenge and look after the patient in a humane way until patient’s insight become normal. I am really fortunate being able associate and share some of their exiting and unforgettable experiences which they faced many years back. Cause some of these heroes are still living in my village and they r in their 90 s . Being heard these unforgettable incidents which these care takers had to gong through many years back,I feel it is like a psychiatric patient management text book for me .You might wonder how they were able to managed acute psychiatric patients without sedatives or tranquilizers at that time .They were taught some subtle strategies and techniques of managing acute patients, which have been endemic to our tradition. One example being hit by a small cane charmed by a special mantra, if the patient is really hostile or aggressive or uncontrollable. I am fortunate to witness how my father was using this technique on patients .Unbelievable I would use the word surrender and obey for this phenomena rather than sedation cause the results are astounishing.

I remember my father and my guru Ayur Dr Indrasena De Alwis (One of the genius fellow Doctor in our tradition who is more senior than my father, who had an amazing teaching skills and who introduced the theoretical concepts of our tradition to the university of indigenous medicine in 1977 .I started my learning when I was going to School under Dr. Indrasena, I was 16 years old then) was recollecting his memories of, Rev.Dr. Neelammahara Dhammaloka Thero .He was supposed to be a very power full character in every way , Being a doctor, Socially and politically. Once he received summons from court to give evidence before the court of law regarding a patient who escaped from the hospital while being treated and behaved violently at home and damaging neighbor’s property. After Rev, had sent a letter to the judge stating the reasons for enabling him to appear before court of law, judge had decided to create a virtual court in our temple premises one day and heard the case and evidence were taken. It was a true story and the whole village aware of that and speaks with dignity even today. The road which leads to our temple was a small gravel path at that time. It was one power full politician at that time who made that road a tarred widened road as a gift of gratitude for curing his son from a mental illness which he had been suffering from .

Going back to the original story which I was about to tell you that the Indian girl was completely cured after she was being treated for about 6 months and she was taken back to the india , After a while as my father remembered, one and half years later ,my father and his guru and Rev.Dehiwala Budhdharakkitha thero were invited to india by the father of that Indian patient. That was somewhere around 1952 .

That was the first and the last overseas trip of my father.Cause he had not been to a overseas country after that.

They were received by patients father and warmly welcome at the airport and taken to the maharaja’s palace. They were really happy to see that the patient whom they had been treated was married and pregnant.

They spent one week in India and they were taken to many parts of India during their stay and at the end of their journey, most probably the last day morning, our group was taken to an elephant orphanage and ask my guru to select two elephants by Maharaja .It was beyond our expectation and those elephants were handed over to us as a gift of gratitude by Maharaja. A gift for curing her daughter and her illness had been a great burden for both the maharaja couple as she was the only daughter in their family. Now they are released from that burden as she is married to good husband.

Lately both these majestic elephants with long crossed tusks became a public figure as they carries the Relic of the Buddha casket in the Dalada Perahera in Kandy. Every elephant is not qualifying to carry the tooth relic of the lord Buddha .It has to be high cast elephant.

This has been a unforgettable reward for my tradition …………….my father always reminds