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Manasa Ayurveda Hospital Sri Lanka.

Traditional Institute for mental and physical health since 1790

Manasa� Ayurveda Hospital is located in a viiage called Neelammahar 20 miles away from Colombo city and a long established place for a local traditional (Desheeya chikithsa) or Ayurvedic psychiatry.and Sarvanga chikithsa ( Mental and Physical disorders )
This village Neelammahara ,has,anywy been famous for indigenous treatment for psychiatric disorders .Before my father Ayur.Dr D.S.Hettge established the hospital ,the entire village was making a living from the medication they provided. Each family was entitled to one patient. The history of the traditional psychiatric medication method goes back to 500 years .The traditional knowledge is believed to have been bequeathed by a Royal physician who served King Rjadi Rjasinghe who regained during the late 18th centaury.
The physician had served as a consultant psychiatrist and a counselor to both the royal family and Royal Army. The ancient text which refers to psychiatry, have detailed writing on the disease, management and treatment suited for each affection.
Textual facts indicate that the ancient healers used these secret herbal formulas to treat many psychological, psychiatric and medical disorders
According to this tradition there are 22 types of psychopathologies. These medical texts explain further the etiology, management and the treatment of the psychiatric disorders. Apparently these facts are etiologically and symptomatically very close and similar to the descriptions given in modern psychiatry today.
�Manasa� Ayurvedic hospital is a long established Ayurvedic centre for psychiatric and medical treatments now managed by 8th generation traditional physicians as their ancestors did as you can see how they perform treatments blending ayurveda and Buddhist psychology for various kinds of chronic and acute psychological problems. These time tested and clinically proven secret formulas were taken from an ancient ola leafs endemic to the Neelammahara Hereditary Psychiatrist�s tradition They have been following the same Ayurvedic traditional ritualistic pattern of treatments
The main intention of this website is to educate the public and create awareness among community about the mental health and the psychiatric disorders and prevention and to help people those who are living with mental health need s. Also about a unique treatment of psychiatry which is ayurveda psychiatry treatment which emphasis most of the psychiatric conditions can be fully cured with rational treatment and counseling.
Mental health especially within Sri Lanka, on of the greatest challenges for us is that very few organizations actually looked at mental health with the mentally ill being the focus point.Very few really locking at mental illness and trying to move away from the medical model to a more social model of change as emphasis in our oldest classifications as well.
As a result lots of vulnerable groups across all over the country who  are very disadvantage within the disadvantage community who are institutionalize, lot away because of stigma lack of employment opportunities ,alcohol domestic violence, suicidal conflicts there are lots of contributing factors has to why mental illness  are that needs to be tackled According the WHO reports there are 450 million psychiatric patients around the world. One in every four families you find psychiatric patients. One million patients commit suicide every year. By 2220 Psychiatry becomes the 2nd fatal illness human been is suffering from. First being the cardio vascular diseases. World�s oldest classification in Psychiatry is found in Ayurveda and Desheeya chikithsa Traditional system of psychiatry which is over five thousand years old probably the oldest systematic psychiatric treatment in the world classifies twenty two psychopathologies. It emphasis how important the biological predisposition to amalgamate with the environmental factors to develop psychiatric disease in human being .This system is still practicing in it�s original at Manasa Hospital Boralesgamuwa ,Neelammahra by generations of traditional psychiatrist�s ;a virgin system of holistic medicine which is endemic to them